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Loughton List Meridian Challenge
In Dark Livery for Night Use
Time 20:50 UTC Saturday

Your Meridian Challenge is LL51 NGC 7789

Details for LL51
Name: NGC 7789
Grade: G
Type: Cluster
RA: 23:57:00
Dec: 56° 44'
Altitude: 84° 17'
Azimuth: 334° 7'
Where: Cassiopeia
View from: Theydon Bois (London)

Looks good. Give me a chart for LL51

Phew! Something simple, give me a Lucky Dip.

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§ Sat, 11 Nov 2017 20:50:00 +0000   Lat 51.675   Long 0.105   Sunrise 06:26   Sunset 17:03   Day/Night = night   Month = 10   Region = nonPolar