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Thursday Evening Meetings

The LAS meets between 8:00 & 10:00 p.m. every Thursday evening (except Christmas and New Year) in the scout hall, Theydon Bois, Essex. The programme for the next three weeks is sown below. For a map and information to help you find our venue click the "Find us" tab above.

All meetings of the LAS are open to the public. If you would like to try our Thursday evening meetings then please just turn up. If after a few visits you would like to join then our membership secretary will be delighted to help. Do remember that our programme covers a wide range of knowledge and experience, so if you find the talk goes over your head, or is just too simple, then please try again on another Thursday.

Other Events

We also organise other events, such as the Equinox Sky Camp, weekend observing trips, solstice meals, visits etc. A programme of events other than our regular Thursday evening meetings is included with the main program,

Equinox Sky Camp

A major event in the LAS calendar is the Equinox Sky Camp. This takes place every September or October at a dark site in Kelling Heath, North Norfolk. The two-week event includes an activity weekend with visiting lecturers, trade stands, a barbecue, tour of the telescopes as well as the usual observing. When the clouds intervene the observing is done in the bar!

Next 3 Thursday Evening Meetings
LAS Members  –  Miscellany evening and 50th Anniversary Update
LAS Members & Guests  –  Observing in a Dark Sky
LAS Members & Guests  –  Fireworks and Nibbles

Other Astronomy Events Coming Up
AstroKyds  –  Preparing for the moon, ‘68 - now
LAS 50th anniversary  –  Celebrate the day: planetarium and displays (am) and top speakers (pm)
AstroKyds  –  Christmas Quiz